👋 Howdy, and welcome to my portfolio!

My name is Tammy and it is great to see you. Though I wear many hats (and berets), the professional labels that I most identify with are digital organizer and social strategist.


I'm a recent graduate from the University of Houston, where I studied Marketing, Finance, and Leadership. Over the years, I have developed a strong background in nonprofit and organizing spaces. I privately consult on an array of digital services - from resume editing and copywriting to graphic and web design.

My current role is Campaign Support Specialist at Houston in Action. Previously, I have completed a fellowship in labor communications and civic engagement with the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance and the Texas Gulf Coast Area Labor Federation. I also just wrapped up an internship at YNME Creatives, a boutique booking agency for creatives of color.

Since the pandemic, I've taken on a few passion projects: Writing about music for HTX VOX, organizing collective care with Mutual Aid Houston, and fostering kittens and caring for adoptable through Houston Pets Alive and A Life to Live.

I have experience in:

I am currently pursuing full-time roles creating on behalf of smart, cause-driven organizations.

Some examples of the work I am interested in include content creation, digital strategy, social media management, and writing. My interests and skills are quite broad and I fancy myself a digital renaissance human, so I would love to hear how I can best work with you to make the world a better place.

I am currently based in Houston and hold a great love for this city and everything the South can be. If you find that you have questions about my background or capabilities, I am just an email away.

In the meantime, I have created a Spotify playlist for your enjoyment as you review my portfolio. Feel free to listen below (and maybe read the first letter of each track) or engage with me on social media:


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